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A Tech-Forward Marketing Curriculum

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Business Foundations Courses

Marketing Trends and Technology (2 units)

Meet the CMOs, use of dashboards for tracking, the CMO/CFO interface, investment measurements, ROI/IRR.

Technology Platforms for Marketing (2 units)

Introduces the information technology infrastructures that enable within- and across-firm operations, and the competitive advantages that information technology can offer various firms. Focuses on how firms effectively utilize information technology resources in their business models and operations.

Ethics for Managers (2 units)

(Description TBD by the Management Ethics Department)

Marketing Core Courses

Marketing Is Everything (4 units)

Focuses on identifying customer needs and on 21st-century marketing strategies to satisfy them. Core concepts include: segmenting, targeting, and positioning; the four P's of marketing; the value change and value proposition; success metrics; and new technology trends and opportunities. Case applications will be drawn from growth industries such as high tech, biotech, and fintech. Term project emphasizes the creation and evaluation of a marketing plan.

Analysis of Customers and Markets (4 units)

This course will adopt the perspective of a marketing scientist/practitioner who seeks to understand the psychological processes involved when consumers select, purchase, use, or dispose of goods, services, and experiences. We will utilize research from psychology, marketing, and other fields to learn why consumers behave in the ways that they do. The course will focus on consumer decision-making online, the ZMOT (online searching behavior) by Google, e-commerce and sensory marketing, and the latest research on consumer attention in the digital age. Key to the course is demonstrating how an understanding of customer behavior can help to improve strategic decision-making.

Marketing Analytics (4 units)

Prepares managers to 1) identify the competitive advantages that come from leveraged analytics, 2) apply the tools and evaluate the advantages and limitations of each, 3) implement these tools and ask relevant business questions that could be solved with them, and 4) interpret the input and communicate the output from such tools and models to achieve more profitable business decisions.

Marketing Electives

Elective courses for the Online MS in Marketing (2 units each, 18 total units required) provide opportunities for students to explore in depth specific elements of contemporary marketing strategy and individual technological tools and platforms.

Available elective courses for the 2019-2020 academic year will include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Marketing and e-Commerce
  • Tech Marketing: Winning Strategies for Effective Messaging
  • Brand Management
  • Fundamentals of B2B Account-Based Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Sales Management
  • Product Innovation
  • Owned Media/Mobile Marketing
  • Channel Marketing
  • Content Management and IMC
  • Online Retailing